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The One Ring:
Tales From the Lone Lands


Sundays at 4:00pm

In the world of The One Ring, the Tales From the Lone Lands campaign promises an epic and immersive journey into the heart of Tolkien's Middle-earth. The story unfolds in the shadow of the Dark Lord's resurgence, setting the stage for a heroic quest filled with danger and intrigue. 

As players embark on their adventure, they will slowly unveil the malevolent plots and deceptions woven by the Enemy, delving into the mysteries of a long-forgotten northern realm.

Throughout the campaign, heroes will be challenged to venture beyond the comforts of their familiar hearths, navigating treacherous landscapes and facing formidable foes in their quest to safeguard hope itself. The fate of the land lies in their hands, offering them the power to mend the wounded lands and kindle the sparks of salvation, or bear witness to the ultimate demise of Middle-earth as darkness threatens to swallow all. 

The journey may be perilous, but it is in the enduring flame of hope that the true essence of heroism shines, as players strive to strike a balance between light and shadow in a world where the forces of good and evil are in constant flux.

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