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The Nexus Experience

Our facility has some pretty awesome features. We offer spacious, high-tech,  gaming atmospheres built to look like medieval taverns, including torches for lighting. Our beautiful, hand-crafted oak gaming tables can be customized to your needs with all sorts of modular attachments such as cup holders, dice trays, token organizers, card shelves, personal shelving, and outlets for each player to charger their phone or laptop. Comfort will be achieved as you relax into one of our luxurious leather gaming chairs. They are so nice, you will never want to get up. We also house a constantly growing collection of miniatures and terrain which we 3D print in our onsite production facility and paint using our massive stock of Reaper Paints. When you play at The Nexus you also get access to our knowledgeable and experienced house GMs that can answer your rules questions as well as deliberate your hypothetical situations. Did we mention we have a fully stocked snack bar and offer table service so you never have to leave the action? At The Nexus, your gaming experience instantly levels up.

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