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Dungeons & Dragons 5e:
Oracles of War


Group B—Thursdays at 6:00pm
Group C—Sundays at 6:00pm

Oracles of War is a thrilling and expansive series of adventures set in the magical world of Eberron. Players are thrust into a high-stakes, war-torn Eberron, where they take on the roles of elite agents known as the Oracles of War. Charged with the responsibility of maintaining the balance of power in a world reeling from conflict, players must navigate intricate plots, face formidable adversaries, and uncover the secrets that could reshape the destiny of Eberron.

The campaign is celebrated for its engaging and dynamic narrative, filled with intrigue, espionage, and epic battles. As players progress through the adventures, they'll uncover layers of mystery and engage with a diverse range of NPCs, each with their own motives and allegiances. 

Moreover, the campaign is set against the unique backdrop of Eberron, a world filled with magic-infused technology and rich lore. From the bustling city of Sharn to the enigmatic Mournland, players will explore diverse and immersive locations, adding depth to their gaming experience. 

Oracles of War is a captivating campaign that offers an epic and thrilling journey through the war-torn landscapes of Eberron, where players' decisions hold the power to shape history.

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