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What is The Nexus?

The Nexus Game Lounge (or simply The Nexus) is a gaming center built around the idea of creating a space for you to run, or participate in, the greatest games ever.

Our community hosts tournaments and events of all sorts, and was built from the ground up to attract gamers of all types.

What if I'm looking for a group or more players for my group?

Welcome to our community! When groups reserve one of our rooms, they can indicate whether or not they're looking for more players, or even welcoming of drop-ins! We can help you find something that works with your schedule, and if nothing available piques your interest our staff at The Nexus will work tirelessly to find you the gaming experience that you're looking for.

What events happen at The Nexus?

Almost anything you could imagine! Our facility and its rooms can be reserved for birthday parties, events, signings, or any number of other things. The Nexus also hosts tournaments, release parties and screenings for games, anime, TV, and movies, cosplay competitions, classes, and more.

What if I don't know how to play a particular game?

Our Event Organizers are ready to show you everything you need to jump right in.  In fact, you can rent any equipment / items you need to participate in our games and competitions.  Including Warhammer armies, Blood Bowl teams, D&D Terrain and miniatures, etc.

What is I don't have a Game Master?

Our house GMs are extensively trained to use our state-of-the-art gaming rooms and can create a gaming experience for you like no other. With custom-built soundscapes in our surround-sound enabled rooms, fully automated RGB lighting, extensive GMing experience, and a flair for the dramatic, our house GMs will take you and your group through the personally-tailored adventure.

How much does it cost to play at The Nexus?

Depending on the event you want to participate it our pricing for games start as low as $10.00 a session and scales from there. 

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