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Constructed Play
Fridays at 6:00pm

Lorcana TCG's Constructed Format is a key component of the trading card game that allows players to build their decks using cards from a designated pool of legal cards. This format often follows specific rules, including card restrictions and limitations, to ensure balanced and competitive gameplay. Players are tasked with creating their decks within the defined card pool, emphasizing strategy, synergy, and creativity to craft powerful and unique decks. The Lorcana TCG Constructed Format provides a dynamic and challenging environment for players to test their skills, compete in tournaments, and engage in strategic card battles. Prize Support for this event is Pack-Per-Win.

League Play
Sundays at 6:00pm

Lorcana TCG's League Play offers a casual, relaxed and friendly environment for players to enjoy the trading card game at their own pace. Unlike competitive tournament settings, League Play encourages experimentation and creativity in deck construction. Players gather to engage in friendly matches, test new strategies, and exchange ideas with fellow enthusiasts. With an emphasis on fun and social interaction, this format is ideal for both newcomers looking to learn the game and experienced players seeking a more laid-back gaming experience within the Lorcana TCG community. 

All play in our Lorcana Events will award participants with League Points in the current season and the chance to win 
Exclusive Promos!

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