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Battletech Campaign:
Season 1


  • Jan 6th        Start of Week 0 (Campaign Orientation)

  • Jan 13th        Start of Week 1

  • Jan 20th        Start of Week 2

  • Jan 27th        Start of Week 3 

  • Feb 3rd        Start of Week 4

  • Feb 10th        Start of Week 5

  • Feb 17th        Start of Week 6

  • Feb 24th        Start of Week 7

  • Mar 2nd        Start of Week 8

  • Mar 9th        Start of Week 9

  • Mar 16th        Start of Week 10 

It is a time of war...

It’s the year 2950 and the Inner Sphere has been at war for hundreds of years.  Recently, an anonymous entity publicly released intelligence detailing the location of an ancient Starleague cache of Lostech containing enough military hardware to provide a significant edge to whoever finds it. 

It is a mad scramble to secure the planet and the Lostech Hoard. Join us for an epic 10-week map campaign where you will command your own Force of BattleMechs in an attempt to uncover and take control of this world and the secrets that it holds!


Each Week, players will:

  • Gain Resources based on their progress

  • Spend resources to upgrade and buy equipment

  • Hire, Fire, and Manage their team of Pilots

  • Select and execute missions against other players in order to capture areas of the campaign map

  • Repair and Refit their forces after each mission.

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