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Magic the Gathering

Friday Night Magic—Pack League
Fridays at 6:30pm


Participants will receive two randomized draft boosters and 20 lands of their choice to create a League Deck, which they'll use in a best-of-three event. In the following weeks, each player will receive an additional randomized booster pack to expand their League Deck. Participation promos will be distributed each week of play to enhance the league experience! Play will last 8 weeks for each season of the league.


Draft Night
Saturdays at 6:30pm

Draft Nights are exciting and social gaming events where players gather to build decks and engage in limited-format gameplay. Participants receive booster packs and, in a structured draft format, select cards one at a time to construct their decks. This format emphasizes strategy, creativity, and adaptability as players craft decks on the spot and face off against each other in a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Commander League Season 2
Sundays at 5:00pm

Commander League offers a unique and thrilling multiplayer experience. In this format, players assemble Commander decks, each led by a legendary creature known as their Commander. The league operates over several weeks, with participants earning points through various matches and achievements. Commander League encourages large, free-for-all multiplayer battles where diplomacy and strategy play a crucial role. Players aim to eliminate their opponents while managing the ever-evolving dynamics of the game. Prize support available for top players.

During the rotation of Magic events at Nexus we will be introducing a new, outside of the game, event that will affect ALL scheduled events as well as non-scheduled casual play!

Planar Nexus will bring Planechase, a much loved and enjoyed mechanic, to the store! Each week a Plane will be randomly drawn from the list of 86 available cards. Whichever plane is drawn will be the effect that applies to all games for the coinciding week!

Each Plane has one static effect and one “Chaos” effect. Static effects will always apply. Chaos effects can be triggered by players during their games by rolling a d6 on a result of 1 or 6. Making this die roll costs cumulative mana equal to the number of times rolled minus one. For example, the first time on a player's turn they roll costs 0, the second time costs 1, the thirds costs 2, and so on and so forth.

The Plane of the week will be pinned in our Discord server as well as being displayed in-store.

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