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Star Wars Playbill Art.png

Star Wars RPG
Ashes of Empire


Saturdays at 1:00pm

What is Star Wars RPG? The Star Wars RPG is a game set where players create characters like Jedi, smugglers, and Rebel operatives to embark on adventures across the galaxy. Using the D6 System, players roll six-sided dice based on their characters' attributes and skills to determine the success of their actions, with difficulty levels set by the Game Master. The game emphasizes narrative and cinematic play, encouraging immersive, story-driven adventures. With extensive source material on the Star Wars galaxy, including detailed information on planets, species, and technology, the game captures the spirit and excitement of the Star Wars saga, making it accessible and engaging for both new and experienced players.


Set six months after the destruction of the second Death Star, "Ashes of Empire" plunges players into a galaxy in turmoil as the Rebel Alliance transforms into the fledgling New Republic, struggling to establish order amid the chaos of a shattered Empire. Imperial remnants, led by a charismatic warlord, rally their forces for one final stand. Over a twelve-week campaign, players will engage in skirmishes with Imperial holdouts, uncover secrets of a new Imperial leader, forge alliances and navigate political intrigue, infiltrate enemy bases and thwart devastating weaponry, expose spies and traitors within their ranks, and lead epic battles to secure the future of the New Republic. Join us for a thrilling journey through the galaxy, filled with espionage, diplomacy, and intense combat.

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