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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Ghosts of Saltmarsh


Thursdays at 6:00pm

"Ghosts of Saltmarsh" is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure module that takes players to the coastal town of Saltmarsh, a once-sleepy fishing village now facing a resurgence of threats from both land and sea. The campaign is a collection of seven nautical-themed adventures that can be played individually or woven together into a larger, cohesive narrative. Players will explore haunted ships, delve into underwater ruins, and confront pirates, smugglers, and sea monsters. The adventures blend classic dungeon crawling with high-seas adventure, offering a rich tapestry of intrigue, exploration, and combat.


The town of Saltmarsh itself is a character in the story, with its own politics, secrets, and colorful inhabitants. As players interact with the locals, they can influence the town's future, choosing alliances and making decisions that impact the broader narrative. Each adventure presents unique challenges and moral dilemmas, requiring players to navigate treacherous waters both literally and figuratively. From the eerie mystery of the haunted house in "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh" to the epic confrontation in "The Styes," "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" provides a diverse and immersive experience. This campaign offers a perfect blend of traditional fantasy adventure and swashbuckling maritime action, making it a compelling journey for any D&D group.


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