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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Curse of Strahd


Thursdays - 6:00pm

In summary, the adventurers find themselves in Barovia, a mysterious realm surrounded by a deadly fog that has many different mechanics that force the characters to stay within the area. They soon discover that Barovia is ruled by Strahd Von Zarovich, a vampire/wizard who has been holding the people in his realm in eternal imprisonment, with not even their souls being able to escape.

However, not all is lost for the adventurers. Madam Eva, a fortune-teller, tells the party their fortunes through a tarokka card deck. Using the information derived from the cards, an endless combination of adventures unfolds. Once Strahd finds out about the adventurers in his domain, he will go on a campaign to spy, taunt, torment, and eventually kill them.

The goals of the players are to find the hidden items or allies that will aid them in defeating Strahd, protect Ireena Kolyana (who has a remarkable resemblance to a past lover of Strahd), and stay alive as long as possible.


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