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Welcome to the OPENING SEASON of the Nexus MTG Tournament Series!   We will be hosting 12-week long MTG Championships with a variety of fun events, prizes, and players!  Here are the important dates for this season.  Scroll down for additional details!

Friday Night Magic - $10

  • 6:30pm Fridays

Booster Draft Tournament - $15

  • 6:00pm Saturdays

Pioneer - $10

  • 6:00pm Sundays


Monthly High Stakes Tournaments - $35

  • Saturday, Jan 22nd @ 12pm

  • Saturday, Feb 19th @ 12pm

  • Saturday, March 12th @ 12pm


Nexus Grand Championship - $35

  • Saturday, March 19th @ 12pm (At FallsCon!)


Season Rules and Details

Our MTG Tournament Seasons are a three-month series of tournaments consisting of three different event types:

  • Friday Night Magic - A weekly Swiss-style tournament using the "Modern" format.

  • Pioneer Sundays - A weekly Swiss-style tournament using the "Modern" format.

  • Booster Saturdays - A weekly Swiss-style tournament using the "Booster Draft" format.

  • High-Stakes Tournament - A monthly swiss-style tournament using the "Modern" format with significant prizes for winners!

Each of these events will award prizes to the winners as well as points towards each player's season placing.  At the end of the season, points will be tallied and the top players will be invited to the Nexus Grand Championship free of charge, which will be held at FallsCon 2022 in March!  Additionally, the player with the most season points will be crowned the Season Champion and have their name immortalized at the Nexus!

Players will earn season points as follows:

  • Attending an event     3pts

  • Match Win                  3pts

  • Match Draw                1pt

  • Sportsmanship           1-3pts

Monthly high stakes tournaments will have a point multiplier of x4!  

Season 1 of the Nexus MTG Tournament Series is being overseen by our very own CCG Specialist: Jaden! 

Feel free to message him (or the rest of our staff) on Discord, message the store on Facebook, or give us a call!

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