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What is Star Wars RPG?

The universe of a Galaxy, Far, Far away… is an ever changing landscape of infinite stories and the Star Wars RPG system takes advantage of this by allowing you, as either a Game Master or Player, to insert yourselves into the myriad of adventures that the galaxy holds. From fighting a guerilla war against the evil Galactic Empire, to exploring a long abandoned temple on an ancient world hunting for treasure and glory, or even leading the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic as a Jedi Master the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

In the most recent rendition of the beloved stories based on the universe brought to life by George Lucas, Fantasy Flight Games uses a d6 system and three different books to cover different eras of the Star Wars timeline

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Explore locations where the Empire’s laws and influence are dimmed or muted. Meet shady characters, independent thinkers, and insurgents looking to break free of Imperial law. In a campaign for the Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™ RPG, bounty hunters, smugglers, scholars, and explorers enjoy grim and gritty adventures in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain.

How will you shape the galaxy?
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The Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion™ RPG thrusts you directly into the ongoing Galactic Civil War between the evil Empire and the rag-tag Rebel Alliance. Woefully outnumbered and outgunned by the Empire’s vast military, you and your friends may undertake any of a wide variety of missions. No matter your duty, no matter your motivation, this is your chance to play your part in the cause for galactic freedom. 

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The power of the Force flows through you. All your life you have felt it and used it, perhaps even unconsciously. Now, at last, you have found others like you who can sense and manipulate the Force, others willing to risk their lives for the sake of justice, for the sake of restoring balance to the galaxy. In Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™, you and your companions may seek the secrets of the outlawed Jedi Order, lurk in the shadows and defend the downtrodden, or join the Rebellion. But beware the lure of the dark side, or you may slowly succumb to its temptations!

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