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Across the blackened industrial hives, gangs continually fight for the control of territories, Enforcers fight to execute the rule of law and the tentacles of insidious cults worm their way through the populace. It is a world where the most that anyone can hope for is survival, and so it has bred people who are true survivors.


Founded long ago in the depths of the Dark Age of Technology, Necromunda was brought into the Light of the Emperor by the Imperial Fists Legion during the Great Crusade. It is a world of mines, factories, refineries and processing plants making it a vast powerhouse of industry. 

Necromunda is ruled by a small number of factions of incredibly wealthy and powerful bodies known as the Great Houses. Subservient to these are the Clan Houses, who maintain the vast manufacturing base of Necromunda. Every House has its own cultural traditions, distinctive linguistic traits, codes of dress and behaviour, as well as unique concerns and aptitudes.

The underhive is in a constant state of strife. While competing Houses rely on each other for goods and supplies, it doesn’t take much for conflict to ensue. Battles between rival gangs are incredibly common – can your fighters emerge victorious and claim glory for their clan?

Jump into the world of skirmish wargaming with Necromunda: Hive War. Choose your gang and fight thrilling, fast-paced tactical games set in the darkness of the underhive.

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Check out the Necromunda website to learn to play

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