About Nexus Game Lounge

Sharing Excitement. Sharing Ideas. Sharing Community.

The Nexus Game Lounge started from our shared passion for playing the best tabletop and pen & paper games possible, and our desire to share that experience with others.

At The Nexus our goal is to provide everything you could possibly want to participate in, or run, the greatest games of all time. Our facility features state-of-the-art rooms built from the ground up with gaming in mind. Integrated, surround-sound audio systems, automated, full RGB lights, and the unique, hand-crafted décor of our rooms will immerse you and your gaming group in your gaming experience like never before. Our beautiful oak gaming tables feature an inset, neoprene-lined gaming space that can be fit with maps and acrylic covers for drawing, a digital playboard, or filled with any of our vast and varied house miniatures and terrain pieces. For everything from Aarakocra to Zombie, and all of the terrain in between, The Nexus has you covered. To top it all off, you'll never have to leave the comfort of your custom-built gaming chair to get snacks and drinks; our staff will bring anything you order right to you. Have questions about rules? Our knowledgeable staff can come answer those questions, too. 

But that's not all. The Nexus is a community center. We host events, tournaments, game/anime/TV/movie release parties and screenings, book/merch signings, cosplay competitions, classes, and more.